Internet speed needed to run a server?

What is the right download speed and upload to run a server

I don’t believe its much at all, I ran my Fivem Server off of my 1Mbit connection for 6 months before moving to a gigabit VPS

Do you know liek the odwnload speed or upload


Server system requirements: x86-64 system running Linux or Windows (7/2008 R2+), decent upstream connection.

No i meant how much downloads or upload speed do you need

There really isn’t a specified speed… It’s whatever will work best with your server.

As said:

decent upstream connection.

What are your current speeds?

well they are 5mps for both
download and upload

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if i had a full server will this be ok


to run a server, 5mbps is not enough. you should get at least 20mbps, my server uses around that when full.

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Hmm is this a good starter but?

Thats a very subjective question. It depends on a lot of variables.

Do you run any other services along side it?
How much traffic do these services get?
etc etc.

Pretty much for any server it is recommended to have greater than 50 down and up.
If you are asking because you want to upgrade you consumer-based internet, then don’t. Consumer based internet is typically asymmetric, meaning that the upload speed is reduced to 1/10th of the download speed, definitly not what you want for a server.

So a bandwith with 100/100 Mbit is good for 32 users ? (was thinking of starting up a fivem esx server from a dedicated computer for it)

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Yes 100/100 would be fine

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Currently I am using 50/50, passing the 30 users online, it begins to generate peaks of lag, especially when someone enters and begins to download the files. I would try limiting the upload speed, this will make it take longer to transfer the files but we would avoid lag. I’m not sure it works but I’m going to try it.

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I am having the same issue im currently hosting from my home with 1gb down/41mbs up. how many players can I hold?

i wouldn’t home host, most internet companies wont be to excited that 32 people are connected to one IP address. i did it a while ago i got charged 25$ extra a month

how many plays can i get with this also have 64gb of ram and a 12th Gen i3-12100 4 cores also my link speed (Receive/Transmit) is 1000/1000 mbps