Insane delay while strafing

Ever since I got GTA and FiveM on my PC I’ve had a problem with delay, this only occurs when I aim in then strafe. In the first clip, you can notice the delay by looking at how my legs move, once I click “A/D” to change the direction I’m strafing, my legs move to the direction I clicked but I slide the same way I was strafing earlier for a couple of seconds.

However, in the second clip, you can see I am strafing normally without any delay, this is because I hold W or S for 1-2 seconds right before I change the direction of my strafe. If anyone knows the solution please let me know as soon as possible, it really affects my gameplay and aim.

(This issue is on GTA V Online/Story mode and every server on FiveM, Rockstar did not know the solution, they checked my internet speed and said it wasn’t my internet)

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RTX 3070
16gb ram
3440x1440 21:9 monitor
Windows 10

Make sure you’re not holding Shift when strafing side-to-side, it’s a thing that happens in GTAV by itself for some reason.

I’ve seen people hold Shift when strafing and their movement isn’t like mine.

I’ve got the same thing myself, try going into first-person as well - for me holding Shift introduces the same delay even in the basegame, and I know for a fact it’s rather common. Has nothing to do with FiveM either lol

@_4iY might be right here.

Though I’ve already seen several scripts on the forum that try to prevent the strafing “bugs” where you kinda glitch from left to right on other player’s screens. (although you said that it occurs even in GTA itself)

And the last thing:
Limit your fps. I’ve personally had so many problems when my FPS go beyond the 120 mark. That includes extreme micro stuttering and input delays in general. (this also happens in GTA for me)
E.g. enabling vsync (60fps for me) completely fixes any issues or having a performance heavy script run that limits my fps also works. As long as I drop below 120ish it works :person_shrugging:

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