Information about FiveM scripting

I haven’t downloaded the server files yet but I’ve just discovered this mod. I just have a couple of questions. First one is what language are game modes based on? Is it LUA? The other question, are there any resources for scripting such as a wiki or some unofficial documentation.

I read a post that said because the mod is early days, there’s no official documentation yet which is understandable I’m just wondering if there’s a list of functions/callbacks listed out anywhere?

Actually scratch the first part, looking in to the server files now. So the other part still remains, any kind of scripting documentation?

[How-To] Create a basic script in here is how the server scripts work and some useful links

Thanks man, appreciate it. I guess this is what I was looking for - :smiley:

also you can read / write here

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Aha yes this is also what I was looking for. Probably a bad question to ask in what is probably a rival product but what are the main differences between fivem and GTA:N?

FiveM uses GTA:O netcode and thus syncs much better but has the same limitations as GTA:O currently (32 player limits). Also it modifies the game at runtime, so it won’t touch the game directory.

GTA:N uses ScripthookVDotNet (afaik) and does the syncing by just setting the location of other players constantly. This results in bad sync, but they have no player limits (which FiveM will soon have too). Also there’s absolutely no AI (peds).

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Ah thanks for that. I guess GTA:N is much more comparable with SA-MP compared to MTA in terms of sync and player counts. Or at least how it was originally. The only thing I’ve found with GTA:N is the documentation is great compared to the information that exists for FiveM which makes it a whole lot easier to start creating gamemodes.

Is it only possible to code using LUA? I’m not a big fan of the syntax. After looking in to it I noticed that GTA:N uses C# and Javascript which I’m much more comfortable with.

Client-side scripts can be written in C#, look through the forums for CitizenFX.Core.

Most operations still go over the client until the OneSync project is finalized, and that is also why documentation is… taking a while.

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Ah okay thanks. Yeah like I said I understand why there’s lack of documentation. The project is very much still under heavy development. But as a semi-noob makes it difficult for me to jump in and get my hands dirty.