[Info] Adding Additional Police Cars

Quick question. I know on GTA single player you can add additional police car slots to use additional mods. Would it be possible to add additional police car slots server side for FiveReborn?

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Added vehicles you can do with FiveReborn, however unless FiveReborn has made any changes to the gameconfig.xml in the past update or so, anyone wanting to join a server with added vehicles (not so much just one or two) will need an edited gameconfig to not crash, precisely like in single player. See this thread for how to go about doing it.

Also keep in mind FiveReborn client doesn’t like the gameconfig being edited and keeos overwriting it. Again I’m not sure if anything’s changed since but if it’s the same, only way around the annoyance is by using already ingame slots.

Edit: Just noticed this post, so gameconfig can be edited now without the overwriting issue then?