Infinity Loading Screen

Whenever I start fivereborn it only shows me this -->

Didn’t work :crying_cat_face:

@Jarpiino try re-installing fivem

I have done that twice

@Jarpiino check this (it may help)

Nope :confused: didn’t work

@Jarpiino did you fix this???

Same. I don’t think there is a fix yet.

Do you have any friends with FiveReborn, try copying the db from their \cache\ folder to yours.

Did not help

Whats your Windows language? Where are you from?

Mine is english and I am from USA in Florida. here do I locate my language that you are indicating. Just want to make sure I am checking the right settings. Looking for any hope to fix this, as I am now back to playing my lspdfr which is honestly very fun, so no big, but I also REALLY wanted to play with the clan I got accepted to…

Well if you have LSPDFR installed that would explain your problems.

Thank you very much for following up with us. will donate to FR

No, I have several installations. I have reinstalled Gtav clean several times. I have tried different ways of installing FR. I know how to install it, I just need to know the little circumstance that is not allowing FR to take over GTA on certain computers

@Mark-Abbacchi What do you mean with take over?

I just mean basically it seems gets stuck on social club loading screen. For some reason the FR cant start because something is not allowing it to. But there is no way to indicate what that property is that is not allowing FR to launch properly

Looks like same happens on MultiFive

I just hope I can get this working tonight so I can play with the rp group. I am updating windows since I had updates off for so long. Maybe that is why? Idk

UPDATE I am now able to “see the server screen”, by starting gta v and then after it starts loading I just start fivereload. But it freezes on the blue server screen I can’t move my mouse, and there is a rockstarlogo with Citizenfx ros c