India Flag all over Los Santos

All US Flag Changed To India Flag
Video Preview:

india_flag.rar (291.1 KB)


Hi there.

Please see the “Files & Download” section of the Releases Rules and F.A.Q and adjust your download accordingly.
If you don’t, I fear the moderators will unlist your release, and it’d be a shame to have such a nice flag be unavailable just because you uploaded it to the wrong place and posted an obfuscated link.

thanks for info
Changed the link

It’s a tiny file.
Why not just upload it to the forum?

i dont know that possible
thats my 1st upload

Just edit your post and drop the file on the browser window, or use this button:

Oh, you found it! Great!


yeah idk its too simple idk if they will even let it stay

Why wouldn’t they? It’s a good release, and while it’s quite simple it’s complicated to those that don’t know how to do it.
I’ve seen way less complex things being left up, so I’m guessing the moderators won’t do anything to it now that the file is hosted here.

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Mods don’t just take down posts because it’s too simple.

how would i change it to be UK flag?