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Independence Roleplay Server information

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—> Instagram: @Independence_Roleplay
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Welcome to Independence Roleplay

About us
Independence Roleplay is looking to invite you to our server. We are a Vmenu based private server looking to create the best roleplay possible and have as much fun as we possible can. We hope to see you soon. :slight_smile:


What we offer

Custom EUP
Custom vehicles
Custom Civilian Cars
Family like Culture
Fast and Friendly staff
Multiple Staff and Leadership positions open
Plenty of leadership positions


English Speaking
Working Mic
Some sort of Device to use the CAD

Down Below are some screenshots!

Still hiring all operations jobs and staff members!!

If you are still wanting to join the community we have re-opened and are accepting members/ :slight_smile:

We are hiring ALL department including Operations, and we are looking for Department heads and staff members!

I reviewed your application and I have replied to you with an email.

I filled out my app and I’m in the recruitment server. Not sure if I did everything correctly or not.

Yup just fnished applying.

Still hiring all operations jobs and staff members!!

Still hiring all operations jobs and staff members!!

Good morning everyone hope you are all having an amazing day. I would just like to announce that we are still doing our recruitment operation for Dispatchers and Civilians to join our community and hopefully the ranks of these departments. We have opened all LEO and Fire departments back up if you are interested in joining feel free to hop on the discord and we will happily answer any questions you need, thanks for reading. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone! We are still hiring a lot of positions and just got a new package for out LEO departments vehicle! (Courtesy of Redneck) Click on our discord to get started!

Hey everyone! We have updated our age policies up to 15+ all around! We have a bunch of leadership positions open as well as many staff positions too. We appreciate the continued support. See you on patrol!

Server Update

We have introduced giveaways and a new Member of the Month role. What is the month you might ask? Well, the Member of the Month is the one member with the most server invites, and best roleplay throughout the month voted by the staff. This reward is achievable by everybody including the staff team below Myself and Marcus.

What does the Member of the Month get?

  • You get a special role that places you just below Junior Ambassador
  • Eligible for rewards such as Gift Cards (Steam, best buy, Amazon, etc) Member choice of course :wink:
  • You own this role for an entire month
  • You get to pick a nice vehicle to go into the server that only YOU and other Members of The month Winners

The more invites you do a month the more your gift card will be
5 invites - $15 Gift Card
10 Invites - $20 Gift Card
15 Invites - $25 Gift Card
20 Invites or more - $50 Gift Card

Just going to leave these here :wink:

Hey everybody!!!

Quick update for everybody. We have launched our website a little over a week ago, we have opened up a bunch of staff and leadership positions as well as opened up a new Specialized department that has limited spots so apply while you can. :wink: We have done a complete Discord and Teamspeak Re-work come and check us out, we promise you will not regret it.