Increase 255-limit for ped heel height

semi-related to the 255 ped prop limit that has already had a fix pushed to unstable ( Request to Increase Head Prop Limit in FiveM - #12 by Disquse ) there also exists some similar type of byte limit for heels. As in, past slot 255 heels will no longer respond to heel-height set in ymt/creaturemetadata.ymt . The models themselves show up fine (not invisible), but they no longer behave as expected (some will have height applied and some will be crushed into flat-foot shape randomly regardless of what ymt instructs for that slot)

I’ve created a test resource for this: (61.6 MB)

This is just a resource with only 127 feet slot components (base gta models copy/pasted a bunch of times to fill slots). I am personally testing on 2944 with latest recommend server artifacts (7290) and with fivem running on latest/unstable (to make sure the prop limit fix wasn’t already the fix for this). I’m sure you’ll be able to check out the ymt and see for yourself, but for a quick n easy test the last slots 124-127 are all same model marked exactly the same as high heels with 1.0 height but you’ll see ingame they do not behave correctly.


I had this problem in the past and i tryed to find a workaround by removing gta 5 default ymts that contain high heels (that is what someone told me the issue was) but i forgot what was the result. Im gonna redo this test by removing all gta 5 clothes containing heels and see if this is an issue related to gta 5 itself and can be quicky fixed by removing a specific dlc or an 255 limit like you said. I will be back with a response.

Edit: yeah even if i remove all clothes from gta and put test pack 2-3 times still happen. It seems it is related to some limitation. Idk if there is a workaround for that atm.

It would be worth filing an issue on GitHub as well, I’m honestly surprised that you’ve hit 255 heels regardless, that’s impressive.

It’s not really a bug or technical issue and more of a feature request so that’s why I opted for forums over a GH issue.

Also should be noted it’s not about people having 255 heels. 2944 is not even the latest dlc and shoes are at 140 (I assume higher on latest) so there’s 115 slots for heels, which is less than a single dlc cloth pack.

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Hey, thanks for the report and the detailed reproduction steps. I’ve investigated this issue and made a pull request to fix it:

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