Important: FiveM Linux server builds at risk

Why not install everything by hand rather than go through Alpine?

But at the same time, I MUST pay to get some opportunities that other ■■■■■■ projects get for free.

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When you say that the majority of the servers are on Windows, it is false, despite the results obtained by your research and I explain why:

Everyone uses Windows at home and has fun testing servers at home. We are talking here about real servers hosted in data centers, I can guarantee that 90% + are on Linux. The vast majority of Windows servers are hosted at home, it is not comparable …

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Yep, in ZAP hosting you are paying for Linux node))

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Did you not read this?

That looks like < 50% are Linux to me.

So, on the assumption of this part, you can either:

  1. Don’t ship alpine with the server, make the server dependent on system files/libraries, and specify some apt-get command for popular linux distributuions which would install everything that’s needed.
  2. Make the linux version “too large”
  3. Drop nodejs support

Instead of droping support of the OS which suites the best for hosting servers and used by 40%+ of the community.


I can tell for sure that the most servers are running on Linux… Everyone I know has FiveM (Linux) server… And also zap itselfs says that Linux servers are more stable so everybody gets linux

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I can create a server here at home that is useless, with a forward port and it will be counted in your search order.

Moreover, as @Oskaria says, it does not make sense, Zap Hosting must have a lot of their servers configured in Linux … everyone uses Linux to host their server. With a vps or whatever … A Windows VPS is expensive! there are fewer people who buy Windows VPS that’s for sure

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Issue with this option is that most distributions would ship too old versions of required libraries.

Hardcoded prefixes in glibc make most glibc distros not an option.

Not an option, we’re not going to break compatibility, >50% of servers run at least one nodejs resource.

We’re investigating a number of options, however:

  • Gentoo sysroot w/ musl
  • Reintroducing proot
  • Making Docker mandatory for running ‘supported’ builds
  • Somehow, magically, fixing LLVM/libc++ on Alpine
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nojde is available on linux

Which versions do we need?

I might be talking nonsense since I have little experience with Linux packaging in general, but what about rolling a private repository (APT) with the correct version of the required libraries? I know fivem is designed to be pretty key-turn easy to install, but…gotta sacrifice somewhere.

A year ago, you forced us to restart the servers on FXserver (instead of citizenfx) because (your words) - “we rewrote the entire code and now do not depend on old developments, we can do anything in the framework of the new code and everything will be cool” . Right now it turns out that you have deceived us.

Why not use: ?

Yeah that would be a good idea! maybe even create an available script on git that we would download and install the Fivem databases from the apt repo

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Lets face it, as the thread says that there is too many problems with Linux and we need to understand that it’s not fivem’s issue, so we need to understand abit.

What? Define ‘restart’ here.

FXS is 90%+ compatible with old CitizenMP.Server code.

Huh? Where did these old ‘words’ even come from? Also, are you expecting people to have perfect foresight? How are you even ‘deceived’? This topic is about the builds being at risk.

It’s probably not the best idea, as other software that users can install using apt-get is usually designed to be ran with the libraries versions that are shipped with that OS release.

In any case, I understand that FiveM for linux is at risk, but perhaps it would be necessary for you to think of consulting zap-hosting ‘the one and only illegible to sell Fivem’. If anyone could sell FiveM, maybe there would be more work and research done to improve FiveM. Right now it’s either Zap-hosting, or we, a community member who can improve FiveM. You would have to open your eyes to other suppliers, who have teams of researchers and devellopers, that would make FiveM much more advanced and perhaps have more help and research.

It’s quite possible to maintain fiveM free for all, but ask suppliers to provide you a rating and with this money to fund research.

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