Import/Export DLC

Is this dlc coming to FiveReborn or?

Custom DLC can’t be added at this point.

I think he means the new DLC that rockstar are launching… the one where you steal fancy cars and stuff…

Already out. Has been for about 8 hours now.

futher updates maybe needs to be implemented into the mod

I agree, add the cars from it and stuff liek you did with biker dlc, and also the props if possible.

DLCs will always be added unless they are broken (like bikers dlc) some content might then be added but not everything.

I thought you ment extra DLCs created by users themselfs.

@Boss When will it be added?


Will new DLC come to reborn that rockstar have? /ramp car?

@HUNTERMASTRO24 what did @Boss say a day ago? cant you read?

@pipje2001 D I D N T See !

@HUNTERMASTRO24 well now you did :stuck_out_tongue:

This DLC consists mostly of GTA:O-only features, and this isn’t GTA:O.

But the cars and stuff (like the ramp car) would be nice 2 see

You can already add those yourself per-server.

This actually Is Online… all the vehicles work fine in storymode, so they will work fine like ALL the other DLC vehicles in FiveReborn so I don’t really see the problem there.

i tried to spawn the vehicles in singleplayer but couldnt do so, how do i do it?

Locked this topic for now. Import/Export will be announced when added.