Immersive | Realism First Role Play | Recently Relaunched | 1 year in development | Come join us! | Hiring All Departments!

Welcome to Immersive Roleplay, a “realism first” role play server built on a qb-core base with tons of custom resources and assets.

What is realism roleplay? A higher level of roleplay where realism is at the forefront of everyone’s mind in what they do and how they conduct themselves. We try to keep it as real and immersive as we can.

Are you ready for your next adventure?

Come join us for an experience unlike any other where you can live a legal life with plenty of legal activities or start a life of crime with over 10 heists, numerous criminal activities to keep the dirty money flowing, or join one of our Police, Fire/EMS, or other departments.
Are you the entrepreneur type?

Take on business ownership in all new ways and grow your empire and live a life of luxury.

Interested in public service? Run for governor, become a judge, lawyer, or law enforcement (SASP or BCSO). Or join the elite San Andreas Fire Rescue and save lives.

Immersive Roleplay just relaunched after a 1 year build period and our community is ready to welcome you in with open arms. Come experience a new type of roleplay and bask in the realism that is Immersive.

Server Features:

  • Friendly Active Staff and Developers
  • Friendly and welcoming community
  • Realistic economy
  • Player ran government
  • Custom Clothing including tons of female options
  • Custom Vehicles
  • Custom Interiors
  • Custom prison system for inmates to work off time or engage in criminal activity
  • Tons of jobs
  • Player Owned Businesses
  • Player Ran Gangs
  • ATS Style Trucking
  • Unique jobs
  • Custom Visuals
  • Robust Court/Legal system
  • In depth policing and evidence systems
  • Drug Manufacturing
  • Crafting
  • Car Boosting
  • 10+ Heists
  • Robberies
  • Drug Running
  • Hidden criminal locations
  • Casino
  • Bowling
  • Pool
  • Darts
  • Hunting
  • Custom resources from top developers
  • and so much more.

Take the leap and join the best realism roleplay server on fivem

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Immersive is an amazing server that may start off slowly, but once you find your niche, you’ll be speeding ahead at full throttle. It offers a vast array of jobs, ranging from low-key and grindy options for those who prefer a more relaxed experience, to immersive roleplaying opportunities like working at a café or being hired by a civilian at VU or Tequi-la-la (Ozzies).

The server receives frequent and consistent updates, ranging from bug fixes to thrilling new features. With practically daily updates, the entertainment possibilities are endless.

There are plenty of activities to get involved in, but achieving success depends heavily on your willingness to put in the effort. If you’re up for the challenge, the rewards are bound to be plentiful.


Immersive is a wonderful place to call home. Great friends and great fun.


Immersive is my home and the community is my family. Everyone is here to have a great time and make some awesome memories. The server is full of fun activities whether its legal, illegal, or social. The community is very helpful and the owner really knows how to keep the community included!


Up an coming underdog, with a high standard of RP Quality, you’re expected to play like your life is on the line. When Executed correctly, this experience is fantastic to endure. When you first load in you gotta hit the ground running and start networking and making moves.

The server is still in development, still ironing out bugs and improving features. Personally, I think the train is taking the right track and the server has great potential. The community is great, and updates are frequent.
Give it a shot, it might be for you.


Amazing server with amazing people. There is so much to see and do, very happy with this server.


Changelog 03/18/2023 Patch 2.1.10

General Fixes:

  • Updated inventory resource to help with inventory getting stuck that is affecting some players
  • Updated inventory to delete items with decay after 90days expiration (This is for db performance)
  • Updated trailer script to help with issues affecting some players
  • Removed angle grinder from recycling loot pool

Housing Changes:

  • Changed housing blips to only owner can see their property blip
  • Changed minimum police requirement for lockpicking to 3 for player owned housing
  • The above changes should help alleviate some concerns that the community has with housing.

Phone Changes:

  • Added Twitch app (Live Stream),
  • Added phone signal system for outages is some areas,
  • Added support for Imgur, Imgbb and GKS Media to the photo system
  • Facetime has been improved and the new system has been switched
  • Added option to adjust image quality
  • Added qb-target charge cancel function to the charging station

Phone Fixes:

  • cd_dispatch errors fixed,
  • Problems in car sales have been fixed,
  • Fixed css errors in Dynamic Island,
  • Added new charging station locations,
  • The fractional number problem in the stock market wallet has been fixed,
  • Fixed the css error that occurs when your battery is low,
  • Fixed the problem of invisible car pictures in the valet,
  • SQL optimization was made on the server side.
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Changelog 03/18/2023 Patch 2.1.11

  • Updated courthouse mlo
  • Updated interiorproxies.meta
  • Fixed pd holster to pull out weapon properly
  • Reduced weight of crafting items by 50%
  • Added missing vehicle and corrected vehicle naming issue
  • Added realestate to phone
  • Added tow job to phone
  • Added camera systems to hardware stores (setup surveillance)
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Changelog 03/21/2023 Patch 2.1.12

  • Removed xbox/ps5 exclusive vehicles from dealerships
  • Updated pay rate for certain RP only jobs
  • Added Bahama Mamas MLO
  • Added doorlocks on BahamaMamas
  • Added business features at BahamaMamas
  • Added doorlocks to courthouse
  • Added doorlocks to District Attorneys Office
  • Moved citation pay location to courthouse
  • Moved Legal Research to Courthouse
  • Setup discord channels/roles for Department of Justice
  • Added working gunrange to ammunation at postal 807 (WIP)
  • Added circle race track at casino

Changelog 03/23/2023 Patch 2.1.13

Misc Fixes:

  • Added missing vehicle raiden
  • Removed gunrange from MRPD
  • Removed weapon menus (Shouldn’t have been in)
  • Adjusted loot pools on house robberies
  • Adjusted loot pools on burner phone

Towtruck Fixes:

  • Updated way vehicle is moved while winched. Should resolve issues when no wheels
  • Froze truck in place when winching to avoid undesirable effects
  • Cleaned up network code to prevent console messages

New Additions:

  • Added Backpacks (Buy at hardware / PD can purchase at armory)
  • Added BeerPong (Buy at gas stations)
  • Added de-weaponized/de-armored vehicles to dealerships

Changelog 03/25/2023 Patch 2.1.14

New Additions:

  • Add door locks to redline
  • Added mechanic shop to redline
  • Added dealership to redline
  • Updated/Added new housing shells
  • Updated Gabz Maps to March Update (New Up N Atom / Hornys Burgers)
  • Added pressure washer to Ace’s Customs

Fixes and Updates:

  • Removed some unused Gabz MLO’s (should help with performance)
  • Edited progressbar design/location
  • Updated Police Citation Script (Police can now check for unpaid citations /citationscp)
  • Fixed police tasers, can now be reloaded
  • Fixed police weapon draw (no longer draws from behind back)
  • Updated Evidence Script
  • Reduced payment amount for charging phones (may need further adjusting)
  • Updated Art Heist
  • Updated Casino Heist
  • Updated Fleeca Heist
  • Updated Humane Labs Heist
  • Updated Kidnapping Activity
  • Updated Pacific Standard Heist
  • Updated Train Heist
  • Updated Vangelico Heist
  • Updated Underground Heist
  • Updated Union Heist
  • Updated Yacht Heist
  • Heists should run better now

Changelog 03/28/2023 Patch 2.1.15

  • Temp solution for realestate funds issue
  • Street drugs got nerfed, the market is flooded, locals are stocked up.
  • Recycling got nerfed, locals are throwing away less materials.
  • Adjusted ped positions for stores and ammunations
  • Added Billiards Bar job to city services
  • Added new police escort system (needs testing)