Im new to fivem, i installed the client what else?


Im new to fivem, what other modifications or stuff i need to install to play RP on servers…

I installed fivem client yesterday and it works and i loaded into the server but cant hear other players or spawn cars or nothing much apart from walking around…

  1. For voice chat stuff, go into your game settings when in-game, find the “Voice Chat” tab and set it up accordingly. Most servers use native voice nowadays, however be aware that there may be some using voice solutions requiring third-party software to work. It’s usually clearly noted.
  2. Everything else depends on the specific server; you can try going into the keybinds settings under the custom FiveM category to find some buttons to use, but overall you’ll need to ask other players for help. Each server is different.

Thank you for that information bud! So let me get this , every server will have its own menus and things but i will need to ask other players for the keybinds for those menus?

I actually want to get into this game because of BayAreaBuggs videos and how fun it seems, spawning anything anywhere. So every server will provide player with menu and stuff. I don’t have to install stuff like scripthook, trainer and lambda menu which i saw on youtube videos? Are those things obsolete nowadays?

Unless the server has a list somewhere, you will need to ask others for help, yes.

Mostly yes, there’s other ways of doing these things nowadays. There may be a few servers that still use ScriptHook and client-side trainers, but I don’t know of any myself.

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Alright, thanks man!