I'm going crazy, someone help me!

A troublesome problem: Every time I encounter an NPC vehicle, there will be frame drops and freezes on the vehicle. The server is installed with txadmin, the build is 8102, and the version is 2944, just like the background video! There are no errors, there are no problems with the server hardware configuration, and there are no problems with the network, but I just don’t know where the problem is? I have changed components many times, such as the recommended 7290, version 2802, but the same problem still occurs. How to solve it? I am going to collapse!

You’re playing on maxed-out FPS, try capping to 120 and it should hopefully fix itself. GTAV, in my experience, hates running above 120 for some reason :laughing:

Can confirm this behaviour. When my game goes beyond 100-120fps (I can also reach above 200) I constantly get micro stuttering. This happens in GTA itself as well.
Turning on vsync (60fps for me) completely fixes the problem (or dropping below 100 fps lol)

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Does this still happen if you set game_useAudioFrameLimiter true?