Im crashing When I Click A Server

Every time I open my FiveReborn it works I run as admin and everything the game runs until I click a server then you can hear the music stop and it just disappears with no error message THANKS FOR THE HELP GUYS

(It crashes right when I click the server name)

yea i crash alot too just try over and over again until it works or go to another server

@TrooperGarry do you use any mods?

@pipje2001 No I do not

@TrooperGarry okay, then i can’t help you

I have the same issue

Please use this format to post your error.
Did you read the F.A.Q?

Possible fix is to make sure you’re signed into steam. The new thing with steam requires you to be logged in it seems. Worked for me. Another thing you can do is clear your prefetch and temp folder.

Ok Here is the fix : Hey Garry if that is happening make sure no STEAM is running no matter what! This will fix your problem

@TrooperGarry still not working for me


@TrooperGarry i did do it like that it did the same thing but without the steam name and picture

If you log into steam and you try to join a server and if you continue to crash make sure you don’t have special characters in your steam name could cause some issues.

@KrizFrost True ill try it and see what happens

@KrizFrost nah still crashing

@RagermanGaming said in Im crashing When I Click A Server:

@KrizFrost nah still crashing

Logout from steam with change user first, close the steam and done.

@hbk. ill try

@hbk. nope still crashing

@RagermanGaming I think I might be getting the same error, let me know if you fix it.