Ilegal Map - Farm Hideout

Introducing our newest map: Farm Hideout


Far from prying eyes and built under an old farm, this large cabin hides several secrets, secrets that could be very well used by great criminal minds.

Just steps away from the cabin is a stunning sparkling pool. Crystal clear waters invite moments of relaxation and leisure, offering a peaceful refuge under the sun. Next to the pool, a party area provides the perfect setting for lively celebrations and meetings, where visitors and friends can enjoy music, food and good company until late at night.

At the opposite end of the farm, a strategically positioned helipad offers quick and convenient access, allowing for the discreet arrival and departure of special visitors.

Size: 3.8 MB
CDS: 2218.5,5578.63,54.61
Includes cs-hall configuration (necessary to have the script)

| Code is accessible | N/A |
| Subscription-based | No |
| Lines (approximately) | N/A |
| Requirements | Build: 2372 or superior |
| Support | Yes |

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30 dollars for prop-placing…
Bro, thats way too much. But as MLO I would really like it.

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$30 for a ymap -_-

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The map, even though it is not MLO, was very well developed. I accepted your suggestion and lowered the price.

Looks nice, but i would like to see that dancing area removed… I rather keep low profile in a hideout.
Guess wouldn’t have acces to the files to do it myself.

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If you purchase the product, enter discord and open the ticket and we will make this change for you.


I want