I wont get the Patreon license key features

Oke so, 22 hours ago i had purchase the 25 dollar license key on patreon. and I haven’t gotten the premium features.

The E-Mail on my patreon is the same as on the forums.

Has anyone a idee how to fix this?

Make sure your pledge is currently active (screenshot the Active Pledges page and post it here to be sure) and it hasn’t been cancelled or whatever like that

The pledge is currently active and the billing history says it is completed.

Login into your forums account with the Patreon account if you haven’t done that.

I already say that the E-Mail on my patreon is the same as on the forums. And than i mean this account, So yes i have already logged into the forums account with the Patreon account.

Hmmm, that’s odd. Maybe wait just a bit longer. Also log out of your account and log back in. Also make sure that it is the correct Patreon account.

I just logged out and logged back in with the patreon option, hopely its going to work now :smiley:

Did you get any luck with that? Is it working now?

Still not working. But i will wait for the next day, because the syncing can take up to 6 hours

It’s probably just best to wait a short bit longer. Wait up to 48 hours at most. If that doesn’t work then there’s probably some type of bug or glitch happening.

And still i havent get my premium key perks

I’m experiencing the same issue. Did you get your perks? How much did it last untill you got 'em?

The funny part is, i still gotten any perks… And i am already waiting 6 days…
On Discord i got my rank but the keys are still the default without the premium perks

Do you have other accounts on this forum?

I have one, But already checked that one

What is the username of your other accunt?

My other account is calles “GeitJoch”

I got my perks yesterday like 2 hours after I last posted here.

have the same problem with this. Everything is linked but the server wont start cause it says that i am only allowed to use 48 slots.