I need help about programming a resource

Hi i am doing this script for when you put in the game /romper says from 10 to 0 for when you can not make a deal with a police for start to shooting.

but when i put the /romper in the game i dont see the numbers

How can i fix that?

So you want to be able to type /romper then it will count down from 10 in the chat?

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Yeah exactly, a guy tell me that i only need to call the countdown of client.lua to server.lua but i dont know how to do exactly

If I’m understanding this correctly, you should only need two scripts. __resource.lua and server.lua.


server_scripts {


RegisterCommand('romper', function(source, args)
    for i=10,1,-1 do
        TriggerClientEvent("chatMessage", -1, string.format("^7[^1NEGOCIACIONES^7] %s", i))

    TriggerClientEvent("chatMessage", -1, "YA SE PUEDEN DISPARAR >:)")

end, false)

Hope this helps, (and if so mark as solution :grin:)

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THX THO you are awesome hahah thaaanks

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