I need 1 Script/recource To find

Hello is there a script where i can jail people?
with a command like this : /jail [ID] [ Time ]

Not as of yet. My community is in the process of creating one, but I dont know when it will be finished.

We’re currently trying to fix code that finds the closest person to the command sender and activates the command onto them, for e.g. /cuff should cuff the person closest to the police officer sending the command.

okay. :slight_smile: i saw this command on a server… i dont know how its called i think its called high speed patrol something like that i was playing there and had like this command so im looking for it… they literaly jailed people in this Sandy Shores Jail…

Some communities have made things that they haven’t released to others, unfortunately.

okay… message me when you have the jail system okay? :slight_smile:

Yeah, I will probably just release it for others to use. Here or separately.

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Since there’s still not a jailing system available, I’m going to attempt to create one. This is how I plan to have it:

Type in /jail [player id]
It will give you a notification that you have successfully put the player in prison.
It will teleport them to the prison, and give them a notification that they are in prison.
(I will also try to add an error message. This means that if you do /jail [invalid id], then it will give you a notification saying that the ID is not found.)
If this does end up working out, I’ll update it here and there adding a time system, and not allowing them to leave a certain distance within the prison’s area.

did you create one? :smiley: because i need it fast as possible.