I have made an interesting discovery

Over the past several months I have posted numerous topics about how I’m having issues on my own server with streamed vehicles. Only I am having the issue with only half the cars working. Everyone else on the server has no issues. I have tried numerous things people suggested (even paid hosting, which did not work) and even @Boss has suggested a few things that did not work.

Today I discovered that using ArchiveFix to “rewrite” the vehicles locally (so it would have no choice but to use the modded vehicles since streamed vehicles was not working for me) it return the exact same result as streaming them from the sever (no vehicles were being streamed at this time). Out of the 15 modded vehicles I have, the exact same 8 do not work. So riddle me this… How can only half the vehicles work when installed locally or even streamed, and for only 1 person?? I tried patchday13 (the most recent) and x64e. Both returned the same result.

Thoughts, suggestions, input welcome.

One thing is for sure… it’s on your end.

Everyone should be able to see ‘streamed’ vehicles/models.

Using affix is definetly not the way to go, and make sure you don’t go online with it cause you will get banned.

FiveReborn is all about the ability to play GTA:O aswell as modified GTA:O a.k.a FiveReborn. Modifying the Original game shouldn’t be done at any time.


I just wish I knew what was causing it. It’s not my firewall or antivirus. I have disabled both and still have the issue. Both FR and GTAV are clear installs.