I have 64 slot key but it shows 32 players max on FIVEM llist. Help please

I dont know why but i paid 15$ twice for server. And i thought i bought 64 server key. In game console it says **/64 players in this server but in the list of FIVEM it says **/32 players… What should i do ?

It takes some time to take effect.

Its been 15 days already…

Do u have the onesync command enabled?

When i take it sv_maxclient 64 it says onesync not allowed

Alright. Add this to the startup if u can
+set onesync_enabled 1
If u can’t do that add
onesync_enabled 1
in the server.cfg
(u might need set before not 100% sure)

Its already set onesync_enabled 1

Are your emails on patreon and here the same?

Yes both same, signing in here through patreon

Do you have another fivem account by chance with the same email?

Nope its the same mail adress… which options should i choose when i generate a key ? i paid 15$ for patreon twice…

Did you solve it? I have the same situation.