I forgot to make a topic here before doing anything else. sorry!

Hey ^^
My name is SHHADA, been modding GTA for roughly 10 years. Never released or shared anything i made of mods, because they are just bits and pieces i mess around with. I’ve been play San Andreas Multiplayer for roughly 10 years and drifting for over 8 years. I still drift on SAMP today, can’t really get rid of it i love it too much >.<. I’m in a driving team called TC and we drive up mountain pass mods. I’m also in a modding team called Remaster Autos. we focus on making one of a kind high quality cars for GTA. we mostly do GTA V mods.
here’s a little example of what we doand another one… and ano…nah just kidding that’s more than enough :stuck_out_tongue:

I mainly get involved in a lot of projects. I love making video’s, I love to drift, I love to get involved into deep car culture (which is why my taste varies a lot) and I love sharing the fun with others who share a same passion as mine :3

Hopefully the future for drifting in FiveReborn will be bright. Feel free to contact me.

A long lost legend, welcome man!
I remember your from the old days in SA:MP.
The good old SA:MP and the old drift clans, Road Rangers, uBs, DIA…
Good old times,huh?

@Marinho lol didn’t realise i’d be noticed at all >.< you’re the second person. for me the good times were back in 2007-2010

do you have a server right now to drift i got fivem drift maps

i don’t own it, but perhaps i could get a hold of the script o:

see i just don’t know how to host the map

Welcome to the community man, and happy drifting! :ok_hand_tone2:

@kanersps Thank you! :smile: