I can't play RedM. After being tricked by someone on the server to enter the code in F8

I was tricked into putting the code " game_useSynchronousAudio true " in F8
He said it would help speed up the FPS even more.

When I enter the code. My Redm program has a problem like in the picture and can’t access it anymore. Every time I try to open RedM it crashes. according to the message in the picture all the time


I tried reinstalling Redm and Red Dead, still the same.
please help me I won’t trust anyone to enter code in F8 again.

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Unsure but try deleting the RedM.cfg file in %localappdata%\citizenfx.

But I tried it. it’s still the same. i cant play redm help me plzzz

You tricked yourself by entering unknown codes from strangers into the console without doing some research first! Don’t blame others for your mistakes. :smile:

The code you’ve entered (from what I’ve heard on YT) uncaps your fps. So yeah, the guy didn’t give you any malicious code (since there are others using this code to get more fps). But that doesn’t mean that its guaranteed to work with everybody (we all have different systems here, don’t forget that)! Perhaps its giving you this error because you don’t have enough RAM (or because its using too much)?! Idk man. Try limiting your fps (back the way it was) in your Nvidia panel (if you have one). If you don’t know how to do it, look it up on YT. :wink:

Just remember to always do some research before you start entering random codes you don’t know nothing about.

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