I cant hear people properly

im having a voice problem, i can talk to people and they can hear me just fine but when they talk back to me it come through choppy and static.

i have done everything, updated all drivers, uninstalled gta three times now and still hasnt fixed it.

my mic isnt muted, i have the same voice chat settings as a friend on the same server and still nothing

Change keybind, lmk if that fixes it :slight_smile:

would changing my keybind fix their voices?

I read that wrong the first time, is it everyone you talk to?

yeah everyone i talk to, they can hear me fine but i cant hear them, its perfectly fine in discord and other games

are you using a third party software for your like voice? example voicemod etc

nah no voicemods of any kind, no teamspeak or anything its just in game voice chat

i had this problem once before but uninstalling and reinstalling fixed it but not this time

Is it every server you play in as well?

it happened in a different server the first time and now its happening in another server

Apparently it can be caused by high CPU usage or VPS Provider which you will need to talk to the server owner about that.

my cpu was at 57% but my memory was sitting around 97% and i dont know how to fix that, im not very tech savvy hahaha

Check onesync

how do i look for onesync? i have no idea about this

in txadmin > settings > fxserver

its not my server so i cant look at those settings

in fivem listing before you load in it should say if its on top right near the tags