I can not do anything when start a custom map

HI, Please help me

i install your map is Red Dead Desert via FiveReborn

alt text

but when i play game , i do not every thing
so , please support me
I really need help

Server or clientsided?

Thank for your question, i play in offline mode

Open FiveReborn.exe and use comand invoke-levelload

but not lucky

It seems the map is loaded though, do you have Enhanced Reborn?

I have not done that, I just installed the client as normal and its capacity is more than 3Gb

Try enhanced reborn trainer and use no-clip mode (F2) to get on the part that is ‘showing’ see if you could walk there.

where i found enhanced reborn trainer, thank you so much

This is the official release topic.

This is the website.

it really solved my problem, thank you very much

No problem @TuanNT glad I could be of service!

Locked - Issue resolved.