I am looking for a gta 5 FiveM roleplay server that i can help run for the FIre Department i already have Doc's already made

I am kind of looking for a smaller server so I can help run it and get the people into the server but a larger or medium server would be fine. If you would like to contact me you can e-mail me on discord: Nick C. C-602#8199

seen u joined my server i know it wasnt arge but if u add me Irishladdo#6766 im sure we can work smn out

Your Discord name and ID don’t work

your discord did not work for me contact me on discord Reed#9143 I would love to have you


Our fire department is currently looking for people to join, never hurts to join and apply, our chief is very helpful to you if you are active, good at your job, and don’t start problems!!!

Hey man, your Discord didn’t work for me, since it has spaces, but my community would love to take you in, we have custom vehicles, clothing, and stations ready to go! We’re just looking for an eager chief for our server to be able to venture into fire and rescue roleplay’s as well. Add me on Discord and we’ll go from there if you’re down!

Discord: Dash_#1540