Welcome To HyperSoulCity RP

We are a UK BASED realistic RP community living in an optimized custom Up to Date QBCore server. If your new to RP, Our friendly and professional staff have many years of experience and will help you settle in.

We have a QBCore server and have been in testing since the start of February/March

We are Starting to use AltEye for our Interactions as well as some renzu menus so look out for things to Interact with

All whitelisted job roles have available positions/ ownership opportunity, Police, EMS, Mechanics, Real Estate,

Lawyers and Judges. Feel free to enquire about these jobs when you fly to the city If a whitelisted job isn’t for you we have lots of other jobs.

Garbage collector, Gold miner, Tow truck driver, taxi driver, this is only to name a few. We will be adding more.

New scripts are always being added after they have been tested on our Test Server. Every fortnight we are doing updates to improve the server for you to have an optimised experience.

Some of the active scripts we have running are:

Store/jewelry robberies more being worked on, Street Racing.

This is only some of the scripts and we have some in working that will be in the city soon. This is a NEW Discord for our City feel free to join and get involved

•custom clothes

•custom scripts

•custom cars

•custom houses

•custom dealerships

•custom bennys

Currently looking for:





Real estate


And more