HW Scripts | Mechanic Job [PAID]

HW Scripts - Advanced Mechanic Job

Rev up your FiveM server with hw_mechanicjob! This script brings immersive mechanic roleplay, customizable experiences, and dynamic gameplay to your community. Powered by ox_lib, it offers seamless interactions and endless possibilities for gearheads and server owners alike.

Note from the developer
As for now, this is NOT a tuning script.
Its supposed to level up the RP for mechanics in repairing, and helping customers.
Maybe i will add a tuning part, but im not sure yet!


  • HW Development | HenkW

Requirements :hammer_and_wrench:

  • ESX Server
  • OX Lib
  • OX Inventory

Requirements Download links :globe_with_meridians:

Features :white_check_mark:

  • Job Tasks: Assign mechanic tasks such as vehicle repairs, diagnostics, and more.
  • Interactive UI: Utilizes ox_lib for intuitive user interfaces, enhancing the player experience.
  • Configurable Settings: Customize job parameters, task difficulty, and payment rates according to your server’s needs.
  • Realistic Roleplay: Encourage immersive roleplay scenarios with detailed mechanics and job interactions.
  • Minimal Resource Usage: Ensures optimal server performance with minimal resource consumption.

# Download & Installation :wrench:

Follow these steps to set up the black market script on your ESX server:

  1. Download the Files: Download the script files from the provided source.
  2. Copy to Server Resource Directory: Place the hw_mechanicjob folder in the server resource directory.
  3. Update server.cfg: Add the following line to your server.cfg file:

start hw_mechanicjob

  1. Start Your Server: Restart or start your ESX server to load the hw_mechanicjob resource.

If help is needed, you can contact me via discord.

Link for that you can find in console upon restarting the script, otherwise just search for HenkW00 on google/github/CFX

Enjoy the script, i hope you like it! <3

Tebex link:

HW Scripts | Advanced Mechanic Job

| Code is accessible | No, its not atm |
| Subscription-based | Not needed |
| Lines (approximately) | 800+ |
| Requirements | See above |
| Support | Yes, please join our discord |


So where can I download it?

I have placed the link, i forgot yesterday night.

Need to preview


Download Link is broken?