Hunting Wagon

Just a hunting wagon script and its FREE


  • skinned animal when unloading
  • wagon cargo synced to all players
  • adjustable wagon size
  • wagon blip



Download: GitHub


hello me man do you have any suggestion we cannot use it for animals to put them inside I don’t see any error

Try downloading the latest version from my repo. I changed the show prompt distance.

thx man gonna update


you forgot this green stuff on us:))

hahaha, i totaly forgot about that just comment it out client.lua:216 or you can download it again from my repo

yea hahah:)) nice surprize

bro way the npc floating every new location I make for the ped is floating in the air, he don’t want the mofo to stick on the ground

change the z coordinate, -1 from your current one

gotcha brada:)

well I tried and I tried but something was not good the best I could was -200 and after restarting server, they went to the middle of the earth

coordinates: 232.0, 532.6, 23.4 -1.
result: 232.0, 532.6, 22.4
just the last part or z axis

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it work thx broo

Hi. I installed ox_lib and mas_huntingwagon, but when I log into the server in F8 I get the following error: SCRIPT ERROR: @has_huntingwagon/client.lua:190: attempt to index a nil value (global ‘lib’). Perhaps there are variants how to fix it?

make sure u have ox_lib

I installed everything as written in the README files, but I get this error. Will it be possible to help if not difficult?

Release v3.18.0 · overextended/ox_lib (
download the release version

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all work. Thx <3

is there a reason when i go to put animals into the wagon it times out and wont let me place anyting in it?