Took 2 months off due to IRL circumstances. I decide to fly in and I was naked waste down in legion upon landing. I try to quickly hop in a ped car on the side of the road to go around the corner to the clothing store. 3 cop cars swarm me one ramming the side of the car as if I was actually driving. They all hop out pointing tazors at me demanding me to get out. I explain im naked and just trying to get to the clothing store. They force me to get out to only shine their flashlight at the naked parts of my body for 10 seconds front and back. Then they want to arrest me. I think not…be for real. Yes I could not have stolen a car but what are the odds you cops wouldnt arrest me for running the streets naked. Everyone is not criminals or liars in the server and that was something out of my control. I will NEVER fly into this city again if thats the way you treat people and especially a woman.

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