HUD character info

Animation when changing, changes in ticks, but you can also send a trigger to change specific parameters in the character information. I didn’t take a shot of the character’s head, it’s just a profile picture from the database. Perhaps in the future I will update and take a shot of the face from the game.
when you don’t have black money, in HUD it will hide.
displaying the weapon in your hands, it also hides if you do not have a weapon, nice animation)


there is still free space in the HUD, for the characterization of the line

  • stress
  • food
  • thirst


  • cash
  • bank
  • black / dirty money

send from other resources:
TriggerEvent(“HUD:display”, “hud”, “cash”, 900);

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hud it looks bigger on the demo due to the fact that I brought the screen recording closer to the worst

demo update:


Cool! Love it.

Really cool

Hey, cool hud! Question is it easy to add more needs like stress etc.? Also, what’s that death animation you got? Thanks. :smiley:

i can add if needed

Cool. You mean on update or via private contact?

updated resource, add HUD weapons, stress, black money

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very good, is the weapon hud configurable so it can be turned off if needed? Also could you show a resmon of the resource ? :slight_smile:

the weapon will not be displayed if you simply do not send an event to this component.

for changes HUD, you just need to use TriggerEvent(“HUD:display”, “hud”, “cash”, 900);

almost reminds me of some garry mod huds, looks amazing! great work.

Hey! i like that little thing that shows the gun you have in you hands! can i get just that? because it’s a little expensive for me :C

You must put the link to buy the publication and not on your youtube channel since you force people to go to your channel

Thanks bro, I didn’t know that I deleted the link when I edited post, it was by accident.


非常好 :+1:非常棒的作者

It’s stuck in the reading interface all the time. F8 prompts that it’s reading weapons all the time.

Debug hash