How would R* affect RedM?

Hi there!
I’ve just opened a RedM server and we’ve got quite a community, we have around ~500-1000 players wanting to play almost at any hour. So the 32 player scope limitation really affects us. We’ve set the server slots to 180 by looking to what other servers are currently capped at but we still have problems. I’m only asking to check if R* is contributing with something to break the hardcoded 32 sized array handlers, i’ve researched the topic and i saw that @Disquse is doing a really great job and working hard on the RedM side. I’ve worked really hard into creating a server from scratch, without using any RedM frameworks and it’s very sad to see that onesync is currently capped at 32 players / zone just because of a hardcoded array size. I just hope that R* might get involved in this and would help growing the community. Keep the good work up @Disquse !

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