[How to] Stream multiple maps

Here the video: https://youtu.be/v9jXIk2i4w8

If you don’t understand something then just message me and ill break it down for you. Some maps will be in the way of each other so if they are then just go into the maps json file and change the coordinates of where the map is


Awesome and very helpfull, thank you. But can you tell me, now when I have multiple maps, some of them collide. I guess the maps position are located in the mapsname.json file under “archetypes” right? How can I easily position a whole “map” without wildguessing the coordinates? :slight_smile:

Is it possible to use this method to add maps alongside the original gta 5 map?

Nope there isn’t a way

… what?! You can just take the original gta5.meta and images.meta (see common.rpf) and add the ARCHETYPE_FILE entries for your custom map there…

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Stream Multiple Maps on FiveReborn <<

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