[How to] Stream maps

Made a video on how.

If description code for __resource.lua is messed up

replace_level_meta ‘lovely’
files {

Heres the vice city map: MEGA
Just put it in /resource and put ‘vc’ in your citmp-server

I still havent figured out how to stream more than one map but when i do i will make a tutorial.

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Nice Tutorial :thumbsup_tone1:
I hope the Fivereborn Community grow up qiuckly.

@RoxoR thx bud :slight_smile:

@iago YES Thank you so much!

Looks legit, well done!

i have a XML file its a scene can i use that too

@marco754 i think that’s trial and error, you have to make a lua script that loads the xml and translates to the points or whatever.

@marco754 what scene? maybe i can take a look at it

idk if its not accepted to paste links but here’s the link

@marco754 is that a map editor made map?

I did everything that was shown in the video but I can’t get this to work. Every time I start up my server, it closes when it gets to sf. And yes I have deleted the cache folder. I’ve gotten the vice city and the vice city remastered maps to work but I haven’t been able to get this one to work.

@AdvancedShoe look in the citmp-server. make sure u put the map in it with spaces and not the tab key

@iago Thanks for the help, but the .bat file refuses to load it without closing.

@AdvancedShoe its something in citmp-server. everytime i make a mistake i have to fix it then im able to run the server without closing

@iago Maybe I’ve done something wrong in the sf folder. This is the sf folder and how I have it set up. I’ll keep trying to mess around with the citmp-server some more and see what happens.

@AdvancedShoe your stream folder is wrong and your resource.lua. ill re do it any give it to u and then try it

Edit: Here

@iago The file is empty, but thanks for the help.

@AdvancedShoe lol my bad. ill reupload

@iago It’s all good, and thanks again.

@AdvancedShoe https://mega.nz/#!O9NCiboA!NYh-WvvMmn0Ys8qgutioo4L7ncorURSZKGLmA6FgU-k