[How-to] Stream custom clothes

You don’t know :wink: You must search in your clotheshop.


okey thanks! :)))…

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no i cant see it! i maybe do something wrong?!?!?
should it look like this?

the guy had wrote this :mods/x64v/models/cdimages/streamedpedplayers/player_one

EDIT: oh wait is this for offline??

Yes this is for ofline :wink:

sorry if im asking too much but is everything for offline? so u cant have custom clothes online or what?

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You can stream custom clothes… Just search clothes for FREEMODE model ex. that

And you must be a patron on patreon

Look my example:

I don’t know why this is resized that way XD


people says that if u have custom clothes it will be invisible when u respawn. is that true?

First do you use element club key?
Second do they close fivem before they join to server?

Sup i have key and everything my friend bought it but how can i find where it is???

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Find where is what? Key??

Create new on friend account here: Keymaster

No i have the Key and everything but how can i find like the gucci shirt fast?

Probably you use one of this esx skin or something, type /skin and search. I don’t know what model did you replaced.

idk man i have puted all MP Male and female i have seen hahhahahahha


I Will try to find some of them now

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Hey, I Add this supreme hat but i cant find it any idea where it can be??


I Am looking for that hat

Please write 1 post and don’t spam… What is your file name?

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So you just answered yourself…

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What? (20characterssss)