[HOW TO] Stream Add-on Weapons

So after i took some time for it i didn’t find anything at all. i will send you the updated one and maybe you can see the problem of the invalid model in everything. My Files

Issue is due to load order.
Need to load weaponcompents.meta before weapons.meta.

nope doesn’t work?

Why upload it to that, you have to individually download each file.

Hi I know I am late but I was wondering how to find the weapon hash of these guns that are addon. For example, pistol hash = “453432689” and I want to find the hash for my guns. Thanks in advance if you can help.

The stats for base game weapons can be found in the original weapons.meta

Change it to explosions.meta and refer to the Data Files in the FiveM Doc for resource.lua

does anyone know how to get weapons metas for specific guns from gta5 so I can use them as a base to make new ones.

When i spawn ped from vMenu, i lose the addon weapons! Any idea how to fix this?