How To Stop All Players Having Admin Permissions?

So I’ve started a server. Moved it over to zap hosting. Now I had my friend jump in my server and it gave him admin privileges straight away. How do I stop it so every player coming in doesn’t get admin privileges?


Are you sure he has Admin permissions? It is highly likely you haven’t correctly setup the permissions

Yeah, he was on my server last night and he had the Admin Panel, i want him to have Admin Panel, just not anyone else atm

By admin menu are you referring to vMenu?

Yep. I think I sorted it though. My permissions wasn’t set up properly. It was looking in the wrong folder for permissions.cfg

Ok, that’s what I was about to bring up, glad you got it fixed :grinning:

Haha, do you have any knowledge on FiveM and scripts/resources? Could do with some help with something if possible.

What do you need help with?

Some of the jobs. I.E the fueler job. I go to the first blip. Press E to Drill oil but nothing happens. No errors in either console and I have the items in the DB