[How-to] Split Vehicle YTD Files to Avoid 16Mb Stream Limit (No Texture Compression)

You need to put this in the Layout section “LAYOUT_LOW” inside of vehicle.meta and you’ll be fine.

This guide is amazing. Kinda struggled my way through the 1st vehicle I did as I kept going back and forth to the guide to make sure I didn’t miss any steps but once I started my second, I just cruised right through it with no issues and both vehicles loaded with no issues and no more messages about them being too large and causing the “city bug”. Now I just gotta sit down when I have more time and do this for a metric crap ton more vehicles we have :slight_smile:

i offer this as a paid service and do it a bit better tbh, if you looking for some one to help lmk

Thanks for the help

Can someone please help me with this. I tried compressing the files to this car and I halved the textures size but when compressing it, the file only goes down in size by a few megabytes. Most of the files size are in a rpf file named dlc. I don’t know if I should keep this dlc file or something but it’s there and takes up most of the space. Can someone please help me.

Hey there everyone, I have had an issue. My vehicle is perfect except for the license plate. Any help?


Screenshot of rest of vehicle: