How to show player 3d model on HUD

Hi guys, its my first post on Cfx Forum, so forgive me if my post is in the wrong category or not well specified.
I’m currently working in my own Fivem Hud, and i trying to find a way to show the client 3d model when you open your inventory.
Something like this image

I read the documentation and i couldn’t find anything like this (actually i don’t even know how i should search for it)

Does someone have any clue how can i get the player ped 3d model to show on the HUD?
I appreciate all the help

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If you are trying to make your own hud or inventory then you need to tell for which framework are you working upon?

Currently, i’m working with Vrp

function createPedScreen() 


        heading = GetEntityHeading(PlayerPedId())


        ActivateFrontendMenu(GetHashKey("FE_MENU_VERSION_EMPTY_NO_BACKGROUND"), true, -1)



        PlayerPedPreview = ClonePed(PlayerPedId(), heading, true, false)

        local x,y,z = table.unpack(GetEntityCoords(PlayerPedPreview))

        SetEntityCoords(PlayerPedPreview, x,y,z-10)

        FreezeEntityPosition(PlayerPedPreview, true)

        SetEntityVisible(PlayerPedPreview, false, false)

        NetworkSetEntityInvisibleToNetwork(PlayerPedPreview, false)



        GivePedToPauseMenu(PlayerPedPreview, 2)





That would be this code, it displays a ped on your screen… you just need to implement the function and a function to delete the ped…

  • Note this is not my code, i found it on the forum a few months ago and i just have it saved… Props to person that made the code!
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Thank you sir (and the code owner)

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