How to set max players and initial money amount

Hi, i would like to set the max players so it shows the correct max number of players on the server list, right now it shows 24 and that is not correct.

I would also like to start off all new visitors to the server with a default amount of cash, how can i set the initial cash they receive when the first arrive on the server? I dont want them to start with $0

Also my custom loading page is stuck on loading, it never loads. I have unchecked the proxy box in the faq instructions but still the same. Not even the default installed loadpage works.

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

So im guessing you would use the custom resource mod, then in that plugin server folder inside the file server_commands.lua you would past this after the onresourcestart section

is that correct or am i way off on this ?

AddEventHandler(‘es:addedMoney’, function(m)
addcash = true;
money = m

TriggerClientEvent(‘es:activateMoney’,source,playermoney + 50000)
AddEventHandler(‘es:activateMoney’, function(e)
setmoney = true;
money = e

here is the ingame console…

OK i atleast got the parseing script error fixed i just commented out that line of code.

After installed some other mods now in the game console i am getting

event onPlayerJoining was not safe for net - what does “not safe for net” indicate? port??

Maximum is 24.


Hi Boss,

thanks for the reply,

yes but i paid for 10 slots and i want my server to reflect that its a 10 slot server. I see servers on the list that show 29/24 which means they must have changed their maxplayers and paid for a higher slot server but the fivereborn list does not refect that, it still showing 24.

I did find in the Server ext file where it says


however the host does not have the file, its only on my copy of the server download copy.

I have tried

svmaxclients 10
sv_maxclients 10
sv_maxplayers 10
svmaxplayers 10
maxPlayers 10
maxplayers 10

and then the same with a colon:
svmaxclients: 10
sv_maxclients: 10
sv_maxplayers: 10
svmaxplayers: 10
maxPlayers: 10
maxplayers: 10

inside of the main config file and none of them seem to work.

So either the host has a special way to control slots or im paying for 10 slots when i can actually have 24. I just dont know how to change it or if i can change it.

I have alot to learn, need to find out how to save the player, give the player some cash up front when they come into the game, use the admin which i have not figured out yet, and figure out how to get this custom loadingscreen to work. I do know php and some js and some other older langs so i am able to sort of figure things out as to where they are and basically what things do. But i dont know how to change these values.

thanks gain, some little pointers sure would go a long way :slight_smile:

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U what? A default server has 24 slots and will always have 24 slots.

If it’s showing 29/24 this does not mean they changed their maximum amount of players, it’s just a false positive.

they are selling 10 slot servers… ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ dot com thats why i as asking… so that means i have 24 slots available period regardless of what i paid for, correct…

Almost forget to ask, so is there a way to give players gamecash to play the server?


It could be really interesting !

theres a resource called hardcap that needs to be enabled in order to enforce sv_maxclients

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