[How-to] Reshade For FiveReborn (NO ENB)


Step 1: Drag all files in Reborn folder to your FiveReborn main directory.
Step 2: Done its as easy as that!


Default Reshade: https://goo.gl/6BgnVK
Memehancer: https://goo.gl/438nZm

Help Section

Fix: Rename Reshade64 to dxgi

If you need help feel free to contact me https://forum.fivereborn.com/user/polr


For now using ENB will give you the ASSERTION FAILED error

VirusTotal DLL Scans

Default: https://goo.gl/Jvryuf
Memehancer: https://goo.gl/WusdRm


Edited Reshade Owners
Reshade: crosire
The guy who helped you: Polr


This is outdated (still works) but you are able to now use enb + reshade :slight_smile:

Links contain content that may be malicious. Please provide source or a virus scan from virus total. (The DLLs not the zip files.)

Update: Added VirusTotal Links

Fatal Error

An exception occurred (c0000005 at 0x7fef5bd3117) during execution of the INIT_CORE function for CRenderer. The game will be teminated.

I’m using the memenhancer that you have the link for

probably missing a compiler

How would i fix that issue?

change reshade64.dll to dxgi if not change it to d3d9.dll and see if it works cuz usually when i did dxgi i get asserition

still doesnt work with d3d9

u can try the one i added and see if it works its in here https://forum.fivereborn.com/topic/2576/visualv-sirens-enb-policemod-for-the-new-update-no-openiv

ok, i will try that

i don’t notice any change in the graphics in game, but it doesn’t crash.

reshade just customizes the darkness effect and add custom visuals depends on the reshade and what the ini is calling for is this reshad 2.0 or 3.0 ?

I have 3.0 installed fro my fivereborn

click shift+f2 or shift+scrolllock and make sure its edited properly like for the shaders folder and textures folder

@XTheGreatJamesX Reshade should have been kept the same as the files included. Try and remove commandine.txt from gta v game files. Action! Could crash it too like that but I’m not sure. @GanjaMonster I’m making a tutorial based off of your fivereborn mod how would you like me to credit you?

its not my persoally made mod just kinda threw it together but its by Charger99 thats who made the enb i just edited

@GanjaMonster oh ok cool :slight_smile:

@Polr i use RealisticV 3.3 or NaturalVision

As of right now im using Vision V :slight_smile:

VisionV is really nice i used it for a while also but now everyone is updating to the latest reshade so there will be a lot of new ones