How to replace a server side vehicle

Hello I would like to know how to replace gta bass cars from modder cars.

Thank you for reading this topic if ta a tuto / reply do me without by its would be nice of you thanks :slight_smile:

Please take a look at this tutorial;

[How-to] Stream vehicles/models from server to client

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Thank you for your answer but I try your technique but its not working

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Then you are doing something wrong :wink:

Whatโ€™s the error you have?

Vehicles do not replace it is always the same

Can you screenshot your server console?

I send you how? Please

Its me but a mistake : Error: Program:Start: Could not find auto-started resource assets

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Did you add it to your AutoStartResources?

If yes, did you add a __resource.lua file?
If not, do so.

Yes I did everything

Be sure to check your AutoStartResources, you probably did not add it the correct way. Donโ€™t use spaces.



- chat
- spawnmanager
- fivem-map-skater
- baseevents
- โ– โ– โ– โ– โ– โ– โ– 
- hardcap # prevents too many players from joining
- scoreboard
- vehshop
- lscustoms
- taxi
- stations
- es_truckerjob
- essentialmode
- es_admin
- outlawalert
- custom_scripts
- lockdoors
- nogodmode
- rappelheli
- frfuel
- cars
- handsup
- simplejailsystem
- storeweapons
- emotes
- loadoutsgun
- events
- dropcmd
- es_pld
- assets
- mxhandcuff
- essentialmode

Could you send me a __resouce.lua for the assets please

It is good I managed to solve the problem I will try if the vehicle its well replace

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It is good tank you :slight_smile: