How to remove the vest when the player has 0 armor

I’m creating a script and I was able to define when the player wears the armor item, run a progress bar along with animation and after the vest appears, everything works perfect. But I would like to add one more function when the armor goes back to 0 the vest disappears, I am using the native SetPedComponentVariation

This is the function that adds the vest to the player, it works as I said before. I’m new to fivem so I don’t know if it’s the best way to do that

And this is the function that should remove the vest, but it doesn’t work, or it removes the vest when I put it on

Before anything always try print(“test”) when you’re testing something if it works. As I see in your screenshot you have loop for checking if ped has armor. This might be causing some troubles. Im not perfect in LUA too but you should also try this:


while true do

    local ped = GetPlayerPed(-1)

    local armor = GetPedArmour(ped)


    if armor >= 10 then

        TriggerEvent('removevest') -- RegisterNetEvent first






Im Not sure it this won’t cause any troubles with native 0x2F7A49E6 but you can try. Also I see you have 6 parameters in Thread instead of 5 so Maybe this is also causing troubles.

And I will add that my solution might not work, but hey! I tried :wink:

Thanks for the answer, but getting it to work, and it was easier than I thought, hahahaha

One parameter and script is not working same with ==. I love and hate LUA at the same time. Happy to see you got this working fine.


After playing with vests I decided to go for clothes, my uniforms are now items hahahaha


hey, by any means do you know the name of the animation?