How to Remove/Disable Dirt Mapping (Question)

Hey guys, quick question regarding dirt mapping on vehicles.

I’ve went into the ytd’s of certain vehicles we’re attempting to use in a server, and replaced all the dirt files with a blank png file, along with going into the meta files and setting the dirtLevelMin and dirtLevelMax to 0.000.

Even with these two changes, there is still dirt on the car as you drive. The reason I am looking to disable or get rid of the dirt textures is because they are broken on a few cars.

I’ve found similar threads but none of the resolutions posted on those threads seemed to work. Help would be appreciated.

Many thanks.


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You could use SET_VEHICLE_DIRT_LEVEL to remove any dirt on the car, includes no fuckery with YTD files.

Thanks @Buggeroff. If I set the vehicle dirt level once when a player enters the vehicle, do I need to create a loop to continually set it to 0, or is it a one and done parameter?

Thanks in advance.

You would need to create a loop if you want to keep it clean yes, the game randomly adds dirt upon spawning and driving around, so setting it every second or so would be enough.

Do you think setting it each minute would have an actual impact on a decently spec’d out VPS or even local computer? Bare in mind, it’d be on a Scripthook disabled server.

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If you do it every minute it will be way more then fine.

Thanks for your input. I’ll add it to a minute timer on my server and hopefully all goes well. Thanks guys!

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