How to remove blips for a job?

Hey ! Okay ive create a drugs zones with traitment and seilling and I want to allow only people who have the dealer job to see this marker. How can I do this ?

Well that all depends on how you store the data about who has the dealer job.
An IF statement will do the job, just think :slight_smile:

im using this [Release] Jobs System v2.1 and Paycheck v2.1

Well, sadly I won’t help you with stuff that you just downloaded from the internet :frowning:, sorry.
i suggest reading through the code of it and learning what it does and how it does it then you’ll manage. :slight_smile:

It is simple, you create a function called for example “itsOkJob” You make a SQL query in which asks what is the job of the person: SELECT job FROM users WHERE identify = @identifier, after you done done : IF job = 8 (8 = Dealer Job) THEN RETURN true ELSE return FALSE.

After you make the harvest you make IF (itsOkJob) then … The function of harvest Else … you show you are not dealer

omg thank you. i ll try