How to reduce Unique Blip's by SetBlipCategory()

I found a native named

	blip --[[ Blip ]], 
	index --[[ integer ]]

But there are just 3 indexes, all 3 of those are having a prefix in front of it like "Property : " or some has distance in that.

I wanted to know that is there any way we can reduce the amount of unique blips by maybe adding similar sprite blips to a single blip?

Example adding 3 police stations under 1 blip? Any lead would be appreciated.

Have you found a sollution?

Unique blips are in essence just new entries in the blip legend when you are on the pause screen map. Reducing these are pretty simple:

Instead of having one blip called “MRPD”, another one called “Rockford Hills Police Station” and one called “Sandy Shores Sheriffs Office” etc. you would merge them together and call them “Police Station”. Or maybe divide them into two groups so you get “Police Station” and “Sheriff’s Office” etc. Whatever fits your needs.

NOTE: they must also have the same sprite, name etc. for this to work. They will end up on the same line in the blip legend if you did it right.

And when it comes to the already mentioned native SetBlipCategory: It can be used to group other things than properties, I’ve found it useful for grouping police officer blips like so:

SetBlipCategory(blip, 7)

This would organize the police officers in a category like this:

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Do you know hot it is possible to add like different names bul also group them, i was in some server and they had like “Garage: grove” and you could scroll it, and you would get like “Garage: Legion”

You could overwrite the hash label, so something like this:

AddTextEntry('BLIP_OTHPLYR', 'Officer')

Would create this:


I suppose you could use BLIP_PROPCAT (10) or BLIP_APARTCAT (11) to show garages instead.

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Oooh THANK YOU, i have been lokking fot this so long