How to portfoward Using CMD

I’m just trying to host a server for my friend and I, but I cannot seem to figure out the whole port fowarding part. Any and all help is appreciated.

That’s done on your router if you’re behind one. All you do is add port 30120 to the port forward list (just do both, udp and tcp really) and make sure it’s using the lan ip your machine does have and for that you must setup a static ip for your host machine first, in Windows or whatever it’s using.

In Windows though:

  1. Control Panel → Network and Internet → Network Connections

  2. Right click your main network adapter and after that click on properties.

  3. Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) or select it and click on Properties

  4. At this point you must know what your default gateway is in order to set this up, make sure you’ve selected “Use the following IP address:”.

  5. Once you’re done with it, click “Ok” to close the dialog (Please note that some network configurations may require DNS Server Addresses, you can use either (, for Level3’s DNS or, for Google’s DNS). (If you mess this up, your Internet will go out, do not panic, just open the dialog again and set it to automatic to restore internet access and try again.)

After this is all done you may go on your router.

  1. Find port forwarding

  2. Add the computer IP you just setup with port 30120 on Both as the forwarded port.

  3. Click on Apply / Save whatever your router shows and it should be done.

Here’s a video just in case:

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To add to @hafnium’s guide (great BTW), keep in mind that sometimes one has to pay for a static IP and normally comes as a monthly charge. However, if you have Comcast, I believe even the most basic plan will allow you to port forward with no extra charge.

If that is not the case and it’s still not working after port forwarding and all, you can circumvent these restrictions with a private network service like hamachi or Evolve.

Happy Gaming :slight_smile: