[How-to] Play FiveReborn LAN

This tutorial is for those guys who want to play FiveReborn offline in LAN since they have a college proxy, or no internet access.

To the Moderators :- Please add this to the FAQ. The part that you need to have FiveReborn.exe.dev for isnt mentioned anywhere in the forums, no one replied to my earlier posts, kanersps pm’ed me about it when I asked him.

  1. Get GTA V.
  2. Now, install FiveReborn as given in the forums.
  3. Get the Enhanced Reborn trainer and install it. Use the Release or the Beta. I recommend the Beta.
  4. For hosting the server, make sure to open citmp-server.yml and change Announce=True to Announce=False.
  5. For using the client, just create a copy of FiveReborn.exe in the same folder and rename it to FiveReborn.exe.dev.
  6. Make sure you run FiveReborn.exe in Windows 7 Compatibility mode and as Admin.
  7. Now, you’ll need to make a hotspot with your mobile phone or router to create a LAN network.
  8. Now, open cmd and type in “ipconfig” without quotes. Search for the Ipv4 address and note it down.
  9. IF your university has a proxy server AND IF you are just connecting to a FiveReborn local server:-
    Disconnect your internet, start FiveReborn.exe and once it loads, reconnect your internet.
  10. IF your university has a proxy server AND IF you are hosting a FiveReborn local server AND connecting to your server:-
    Connect your internet, start the server, Disconnect the internet, start the client, and Reconnect.
    (Note: If you don’t disconnect your internet and start FiveReborn client, Social Club hangs infinitely. If you disconnect your internet and start FiveReborn server, it doesn’t start.)
  11. Now, if you get a black screen even after waiting for like 3 or 4 min, just try to close it by right clicking its entry on the taskbar and clicking on close. It’ll then load.
  12. Click on the settings wheel icon on the top-right, and type in that ip that you’ve noted and also set a username. Click on connect. Enjoy FiveReborn.
Edited Step. 1, that’s not something we’d like to see here and we do not support it.

Also, there is another way if you have the .dev added it won’t verify.

Please teach
How can IP server in the client settings to be saved forever?
No need to enter manually
My offline server IP is

unless somehow manually editing the saved config in your client, there is no real way to save a off-line, basically not-pronounced server in you favorites, try the option above and tell me if you can find anything, else i’ll try to help you with it.