How to Modify the Map/Existing Structures?

How would I go about modifying the map? For instance, removing a jump from a parking garage and repairing the wall where it was? I’ve tried searching but most results I’ve found have been for adding add-on vehicles or changing textures…

I’ve seen several changes like this, like the ones made to Pillbox Hospital on several Twitch streams… I’m curious as to how these changes are made so I can make my own (not interested in ones that already exist, please don’t like me to them).

I imagine this would consist of making several objects not spawn (the wood used as a ramp and cones/barriers around it) and editing the structure’s model in something like 3DS Max to repair the wall… but could anyone point me in the right direction on how to actually do this?

  1. How do I add or remove objects that spawn in the world as part of the map?
  2. How do I find, export, and import a modified structure in the map?

CodeWalker is a really useful tool that can view and edit map files

Using CodeWalker you can browse and export map files, then use GIMS EVO with 3D Studio Max to import/export the models you want to edit


Thanks! I’m on my way out of town so I can’t look into them right now. Do you know of a tutorial or video showing this process in whole?

I’ll try to figure it out tomorrow, but an example of how to do it would be a priceless time saver in helping me understand the process.

Thanks again. :slight_smile: