How To Make OpenIV.asi To Work?


I see some of people here who using OpenIV.asi to editing GTAV files in FiveReborn, but I got the problem with the game.
Problem is easy to explain. After putting OpenIV.asi into “plugins” folder in FiveR dictionary, while loading into the world
(probably at the end of loading), my game crashing.
Of course I test this with clear “mods” folder in GTAV Dir.
I not trying reinstalling the game and probably I have some script mods from previous modding.

You need to have an old update folder in your mods folder, otherwise it’ll try to load the new update.rpf from your GTA folder. I have a modified one laying around if you’d like, props to GanjaMonster.

u need an older update.rpf from 505.2 update then it will work

aaand where can I find it? Link with download will be cool.

Ok, I got this. Game run normally and works better with this patch. :stuck_out_tongue:
But, I got the question. What about Add-ons? I see after trying put some new packs the DLC cunt dis-match. There is any solution to bypass this?

the reason u get that is because the game blocks it somehow due to the mod running on an older version of the game itself thats why its not recognizing it, there must be some file somewhere controlling this so it might be possible to change it somehow but idk what controls it unfortunately, the add-ons might break it because you’re adding extra DLCs into the game itself which will cause that error to pop up also causing the mismatch, im pretty sure it has something to do with the gameconfig.xml but that itself might need to be added in both places mods folder and the citizen/common/data/ that might work like that but then everyone would need to update it so it supports it for everyone not just client side, cuz addons will not work properly due to all players needing to have them because if they don’t and u do, they’ll see you floating around in nothing causing possible crashes to you or others

For addon vehicles we’ll need to wait for extratitleupdatedata.meta support.

With OpenIV.asi we don’t need to wait for support of all META files. But this seems for special action.

Actually, I know that probably will be problems with synchronization with Addon cars, however I don’t want to play on public with these cars, but on my private server with friends. That the reason for my question about this.

You know something about this?

private server it will work fine but u need to get throught that dlc mismatch with a custom gameconfig.xml

I tryning to change some values in gameconfig.xml, but I failure. You know what lines that could be?
Of course I modify this in GTA5 dir>mods>update>update.rpf>common>data.
I trying also in both places.

dunno i would ask someone who actually made the add on and maybe they will be able to tell u in detail what needs to be where

That will be cool m8. If everything will working, then I will make tutorial for others. :wink:

hey I’m getting the same thing pls help

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