How to install ENB / Graphic Enhancer?

Hello all!

I was wondering if anyone knows how to install a Graphic enhancer / ENB in FiveReborn.


I think you can just use the normal way of using a ENB.

Just tried putting the ENB files in FiveReborn/citizen/common/data and it crashes on start

Edit: Just tried a different ENB version/mod which seems to be working fine!

@alfieengland good, if you need any further yelp you can ask of course

@alfieengland Thanks a billion! I got it working, but I got lucky lol

@alfieengland Witch version finally you use of ENB ? Because with 0.275 i got an error. And where you install , Fivereborn root ?

What Enb are you using??

I find that VisionV works the best without any crashes

im using sweetfx+reshade combo

thats where you put ur enb at

That reply was 2 years ago. Come on.

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